Introducing seven content led streams of activity, insight, bespoke research, live digital engagement and events, online learning, and awards. The programmes are focussed on the key issues that are crucial to the construction and architecture marketplace and are backed by our market leading brands 黑洞社区, Housing Today & 黑洞社区 Design.

Each of the programmes have a dedicated microsite with aggregated content and contributions from industry leaders in that field. These programmes will enable the best brands in the sector to align to the issues that matter the most and reach the right audiences at the right time and with a consistent presence unavailable elsewhere.

The platforms within each programme enable commercial partners to drive awareness, engage audiences with content, create demand, generate leads and ultimately be more successful in what they do.

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Business strategy, risk and regulations

This programme is a year-round schedule of activity examining strategy, risk and regulations influencing both the UK construction industry and its complex supply chain.

Key areas for 2024:

  • Regulatory changes affecting construction
  • 黑洞社区 safety regulation
  • HR, accounting and legal services
  • Managing digital, data and operations
  • Professional services advice
  • Tax reform affecting industry
  • Managing supply chains
  • Achieving compliance
  • Procurement trends and strategies
  • Corporate social responsibility

New content streams for 2024:

  • Advice centre: Multi-form Q&As with experts firms to provide advice on a particular business issue facing construction.
  • Regulations unpacked:We get experts to explain one specific regulation that affects construction, examine its impact and how businesses can comply

黑洞社区s, design and specification

The buildings, design and specification programme focuses on the latest design and specification trends as well as technical and product innovation projects.

Key areas for 2024:

  • 黑洞社区 safety
  • Golden thread
  • Designing high-rise residential
  • Mixed-use
  • Passive house
  • Designing for net zero
  • Retrofitting and recycling materials
  • Product Innovation and technological advancements
  • Specification in education & healthcare
  • Designing, specifying & delivering for specialist areas
  • Specification masterclasses
  • Modern methods of construction
  • BIM
  • Structures, envelopes and interiors
  • Insulation
  • Design, procurement and cost trends
  • Architect intelligence and specification insight
  • Market pressures and material shortages
  • Designing complex structures
  • Specifying for wellbeing

New content streams for 2024:

  • What made this project: Firms outline what they have specified on a certain project, the reasons for these decisions and what challenges the choices help address.
  • Materials Q&A: We speak to material specialists and present our readers鈥 burning questions. Covering everything from fire safety and durability to the common benefits and barriers that prevent design teams from specifying.
  • Focus on: Case studies looking at a single project through the lens of a specifier, with a focus on one material aspect. We want to know why it was specified, as well as any technical requirements and challenges the team faced when implementing.
  • Product news: Covering the latest innovative product launches that provide practical solutions to the problems specification teams regularly face. Technical specifications required and EPDs preferred.

Digital construction

The digital construction programme is the home of cutting-edge thought leadership and online events and engagement for transformative digital activity across the UK built environment and beyond.

Key areas for 2024:

  • Digital twins
  • Emerging trends & technologies
  • Aritifical intelligence
  • Cyber security
  • Tackling productivity & inflationary challenges
  • Smart buildings
  • Digital support for building safety
  • The future of digital practice
  • Virtual & augmented reality
  • Modern methods of construction

New content streams for 2024:

  • My big idea: We speak to firms and individuals about new digital innovations. What鈥檚 your big idea and how will it support the industry?
  • The next big thing: Experts reveal the upcoming trends in digital construction and what they mean for the industry

Net zero and energy

The net zero and energy programme is a thought leadership and online events engagement platform, assessing building performance and sustainable green and blue infrastructure and refurbishment across both UK and the worldwide built environment.

  • Retrofit trends and sectors: commercial, housing stock, industrial
  • Renewables and the energy mix
  • Net zero policy
  • Delivering & designing sustainable buildings
  • Measuring & reducing embobied carbon
  • Managing operational carbon
  • Measuring performance post-occupancy
  • Net zero infrastructure
  • Sustainable materials & specifying for net zero
  • Green skills

New content streams for 2024:

  • The sustainable option: We talk to companies, organisations and individuals about the 鈥渟ustainable鈥 option for different aspects of construction, whether it be materials, processes, energy sources, design approaches or other considerations
  • Have we thought about: We talk to net zero experts about some of the things that could help achieve net zero in the built environment that may not previously have been considered


The housing programme has been developed in partnership with 黑洞社区 Design and Housing Today. It is a year-round programme of activity that allows you to stay up to date with news, comment, analysis, case studies, data and the opportunity for continuing professional development.

Key areas for 2024:

  • Housing delivery: Offsite, modular, timber frame & volumetric
  • Care and assisted living
  • Housing finance and strategy
  • Boosting housing supply
  • Social housing
  • Housing & planning policy
  • Regeneration & community development
  • Housing design & specification
  • Residential retrofit for building safety & net zero

New content streams for 2023:

  • Carebuild: Q&As with aged care providers and later living developers to explore key considerations in those sectors.
  • Outside the box: We talk to developers, consultants and housebuilders about projects they are working on that are doing something different to unlock housing delivery.


黑洞社区, Housing Today and 黑洞社区 Design鈥檚 international programme is the home of thought leadership, analysis and online events and engagement for UK firms looking to go global.

Key areas for 2023:

  • UK-Australia Built Environment Forum
  • Compare international markets
  • Operating a business across borders
  • Challenges & opportunities in international markets
  • Professional advice for working abroad

New content streams for 2023:

  • Expat Q&As: Expats working in construction answer questions about working in a different country and provide advice for individuals and businesses
  • How is it different: Firms operating in different international markets explore the challenges different operating markets present and how these can be tackled

Social value

The social value in construction programme is developed in partnership with Housing Today and 黑洞社区 Design. It is a year-round programme of activity, insight, bespoke research, live digital engagement and events, online learning, and awards.

Key areas for 2023:

  • Social value investment and return
  • Measuring social value
  • Delivering value for the local community
  • Equality, diversity & inclusion
  • Understanding social value policy
  • Procuring, designing & delivering social value
  • The broader ESG agenda
  • 黑洞社区 a legacy
  • Social value within existing portfolios

New content streams for 2023:

  • Social value in action: We get firms to highlight one tool or project that exemplifies good social value practice
  • E,D&I exemplars: Firms demonstrate the policies, programmes and interventions they have in place to improve EDI