Appointment follows landslide victory for Keir Starmer鈥檚 Labour party

Angela Rayner has been officially appointed as secretary of state for levelling up, housing and communities. 

The newly re-elected MP for Ashton-under-Lyne has held the housing brief in Labour鈥檚 shadow cabinet since last year and was widely expected to take it into government. 


Angela Rayner has been appointed housing secretary by Keir Starmer

Labour has so far won 412 seats in yesterday鈥檚 election, with only a handful of seats left undeclared, giving the party a landslide as it returns to power for the first time in 14 years. 

Housebuilding has been at the centre of Labour鈥檚 manifesto, with the party pledging planning reforms, new towns, 1.5 million new homes and changes to boost affordable housing. 

Rayner, who will also serve as deputy prime minister of the country, is expected be at the centre of delivering these plans.  

Besides Rayner, Britain鈥檚 new prime minister has also appointed Rachel Reeves as chancellor of the exchequer and Pat McFadden as Duchy of Lancaster. 

The four are reportedly set to form a 鈥渜uad鈥, who will oversee key strategic decisions for the government. 

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It is so far unknown whether Matthew Pennycook, Rayner鈥檚 deputy as shadow housing minister in opposition, will continue with the same brief as Keir Starmer puts together his team for government.  

Rayner took the shadow housing responsibility from Lisa Nandy last year and will now take over from political veteran Michael Gove as secretary of state. 

Gove, a controversial housing secretary who watered down planning rules while enacting tougher restrictions on building safety and social housing maintenance, announced in May that he would not stand for re-election