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18 September | Church House, London, SW1P 3NZ

黑洞社区 is pleased to announce the return of the 黑洞社区 the Future Conference

In its second year, the 黑洞社区 the Future Conference is set to return to central London on 18 September, bringing together leading industry experts to unpack the biggest issues facing the built environment.

All our panel sessions will be fully interactive, allowing you the chance to have your say, and put your questions to any of our panels.

Then, in the evening, join those who have been shortlisted for the 2024 黑洞社区 Awards and Architect of the Year Awards to network with more than 300 of the industry's shining stars.




Guests to sign in via registration desk prior to pre-conference refreshments.


Eoghan O鈥橪ionaird joined Wates as chief executive in February 2023. He sits on the group board and executive committee.

He was previously chief executive of FTSE-listed marine services company James Fisher and Sons plc and has held executive roles at Spectris plc, Danaher Corporation, Philips and Mitsui Kinzoku. Eoghan is fluent in Irish and Japanese and has Bachelor and Masters degrees in engineering as well as an MBA.

Investing for growth: What is the future of net zero in the built environment?

The urgency to combat climate change has put a spotlight on the built environment industries, which are significant contributors to carbon emissions. As we strive to achieve ambitious net zero targets, it's imperative to explore the needs, challenges, and opportunities for these industries to drive forward the net zero agenda. Join us for an enlightening panel discussion where thought leaders, policy makers, innovators, and stakeholders converge to chart a path towards a sustainable future.

Key discussion points include:
  • Policy and regulatory frameworks:
    • Evaluating the role of government policies and regulations in promoting sustainability
    • Identifying gaps and opportunities for policy reform to support the net zero agenda
    • Case studies highlighting successful implementation of sustainable policies in the built environment sector

  • Innovation and technology:
    • Leveraging innovative technologies and solutions to reduce carbon footprint
    • 黑洞社区 partnerships to accelerate the adoption of sustainable practices and technologies
    • Showcasing successful examples of collaborative initiatives driving the net zero agenda forward

  • Collaboration and partnerships:
    • Importance of collaboration between industry, government, and communities
    • 黑洞社区 partnerships to accelerate the adoption of sustainable practices and technologies
    • Collaborative approaches between developers, local authorities, and communities to enhance the planning process

  • Skills and education:
    • Addressing the need for upskilling and reskilling the workforce for a sustainable future
    • Incorporating sustainability principles into built environment education and training programs
    • Strategies for promoting a culture of sustainability within the industry workforce

Coffee, tea and light refreshments

The future of 黑洞社区 Safety: What does progress look like for Government and Industry leaders?

In the wake of building safety concerns and policy reform, there is no question that the impetus to enhance safety standards within the construction industry has never been greater. However, navigating the complexities of building safety regulations and compliance processes often presents significant challenges. In this session, our industry leaders and policy experts will come together to explore the essential requirements and strategies needed to simplify and accelerate the building safety agenda.

Key discussion points include:
  • Understanding the building safety landscape:
    • Analysis of current building safety regulations and standards
    • Identifying key challenges and bottlenecks in the compliance process

  • Policy and regulatory reforms:
    • Evaluating the effectiveness of existing policies and regulations in ensuring building safety
    • Proposing reforms to streamline regulatory frameworks and approval processes

  • Industry and governmental collaboration and best practice:
    • Unpacking the importance of collaboration between industry stakeholders, regulators, and policymakers
    • Sharing best practices and lessons learned from successful building safety initiatives
    • Strategies for fostering a culture of safety within the construction industry

  • Training and education:
    • Understanding and ensuring the application of building competency requirements
    • Addressing the need for enhanced training and education on building safety standards and practices
    • Exploring how best to embed building safety competency into traditional training


Coffee, tea and light refreshments

Finding a path to construction output growth: How can the new government and industry work together to transform productivity and innovation?

In an era of rapid technological advancement and evolving societal needs, the built environment industries face the ongoing challenge of modernisation to meet current challenges and future demands. To do this, collaboration between industry and government is essential, if transformation is to be driven effectively. The panel discussion will ask industry leaders and policymakers to explore innovative strategies and collaborative approaches for ensuring built environment industries are fit-for-purpose moving into the future.

Key discussion points include:
  • Aligning vision and objectives:
    • Understanding the shared goals and priorities between industry and government
    • Identifying opportunities for collaboration in driving modernisation efforts
    • Ensuring alignment with broader economic, environmental, and social objectives

  • Policy and regulatory frameworks:
    • Evaluating existing policies and regulations impacting the built environment industries
    • Proposing reforms to encourage innovation, sustainability, and resilience
    • Balancing regulatory oversight with a culture of innovation and growth

  • Innovation and technology adoption:
    • Harnessing emerging technologies to drive efficiency and innovation in construction and infrastructure development
    • Supporting research and development initiatives to spur technological advancements in the built environment

  • Workforce development and skills training:
    • Addressing skill gaps and training needs in the built environment industries
    • Collaborating on workforce development programs to equip workers with modern skills and competencies
    • Promoting diversity, equity, and inclusion in the workforce to foster innovation and creativity

Speaker to be announced

All conference attendees are invited to join those who have been shortlisted for the 2024 黑洞社区 Awards and Architect of the Year Awards to network with more than 300 of the industry's shining stars.

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