These are challenging times for the built environment. Economic turmoil, political short-termism and uncertainty are combining to make it difficult for companies working across the construction industry.

Whether it be uncertainty over infrastructure projects, small margins, complex procurement or our ailing planning system, companies must often feel like they are battling against the odds to build the infrastructure and communities we sorely need.

And the industry can often be its own worst enemy, too, creating fragmented supply chains, low take-up of digital innovation and inadequate investment in R&D, which have all contributed to poor productivity levels for decades.

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Our interim findings published in September highlighted the major challenges the industry faces.

Our Long-term Plan for Construction contains recommendations for the government and the industry.

We believe that these, along with multiple other suggestions in our report, would allow us to create a long-term plan to help the built environment and the wider economy in the UK to reach their full potential.

Download the full report below.